Simplicity | TSMP #022

Are We Confused? Is It Simple Enough?

Join Aidan & Ashley in this week’s episode as they dissect the importance of ‘SIMPLICITY’ in your methods, tricks, performances and business so that you can immediately make some adjustments and see RADICAL shifts in the quality of your entertainment.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • The FOOLING nature of simple methods
  • Hiding your methods inside the context
  • The impact of the community and our ego’s on our routines
  • Using the LINEAR nature of mentalism to your advantage
  • Making complex routines simple from a layperson’s perspective (Plus an example from Ashley’s performances)
  • Are process-driven methods BAD?
  • How to make process-driven effects simple (Plus an example from Aidan’s show)
  • The importance of a SIMPLE business

Bonus Resources:

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