Fear | TSMP #024

What Are You Scared Of?…

Join Aidan & Ashley in this week’s episode as they discuss just a few of the MANY ways that fear creeps into the entertainment/ magic industry and is stopping you from being the best performer that they know you can be.

(And no, they’re not talking about spiders here…)

Topics Discussed Include:

  • The Fear of Being Different [01:05]
  • Presentational Problems Within Magic/Mentalism [02:15]
  • The Fear Originating From The Community Bias [05:05]
  • What ‘The Bannister Effect’ Means For Magic [06:05]
  • Why Trying Something NEW Is The Key To Eliminating Fear [09:10]
  • The Simple Approach To Destroying Performance Anxiety [12:40]
  • One Idea That We Learned From Luke Jermay [18:25]
  • Your ‘Pick & Choose’ Approach [21:07]
  • The Simple Questions To Make You Different [22:45]
  • The Fear of the Unknown [25:50]
  • Ashley LEAKS Next Week’s Guest [28:45]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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