Taha Mansour | TSMP #029

In this week’s special episode, Aidan and Ashley were joined by not only a great friend, but a talented thinker of all things magic, mentalism and theatre; Taha Mansour.

In This Episode You Will Learn:

  • Who Is Taha Mansour? [01:20]
  • What Are ‘Soft Skills’? [07:13]
  • Engineering vs Improvisation – The Similarities [09:30]
  • The Importance Of Empathy [11:40]
  • The Foundations Of Improvisation [14:10]
  • Handling Hecklers Through Clever Improvisation [17:00]
  • STORY: How Taha Handled A Heckler [21:15]
  • Understanding the Improv Mindset [28:30]
  • The Group Psychology when Handling Hecklers [33:40]
  • ’12 Angry Men’ and Understanding Group Dynamics [40:32]
  • What Taha HATES about Mentalism & Mentalists [43:25]
  • PLUS Much Much More…

Where To Find Taha:


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