You Are Magic | TSMP #033


You are not a ‘trickster’.

You are not a ‘performer’.

You are not an ‘entertainer’.


Join Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green as they discuss the reasons that YOU are the best thing in your magic/ mentalism career.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • YOU Are Magic & That Is Important [01:30]
  • The Industry Has Ruined Magic [02:15]
  • YOU Are Important [04:00]
  • YOU Are Interesting [07:01]
  • YOU Have Stories To Share [10:50]
  • YOU Can Find Your Stories [12:35]
  • YOU Can Escape Your Limiting Beliefs [15:32]
  • YOU Have Been Stereotyped(ish) [17:28]
  • YOU Can Avoid Resistance & Negativity [19:00]
  • YOU CAN DO THIS [29:12]
  • Plus Much Much More…

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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