Goal Setting (The Right Way) | TSMP #035

Have You Set Any Goals/ New Year Resolutions?

Join Aidan & Ashley in this episode as they break down some of the main reasons that traditional New Year Resolutions and goal setting methodologies fail and why yours don’t have to.

Once you learn these SIMPLE problems, you’ll be able to apply the solutions straight away and kick-start your progress towards your wildest goals.

Topics Discussed Include:

  • Ashley’s Failed Morning Routine [02:10]
  • Goal Setting Problem #1: Your WHY [04:30]
  • Goal Setting Problem #2: Lack of Clarity [06:40]
  • “I want to be a better performer” – FAIL [07:50]
  • The Skill of Prioritising [12:20]
  • Bigger IS better [15:19]
  • Turning Progress Into Habits [17:05]
  • Habit Stacking For Mentalists [20:10]
  • Tomorrow Is Your ENEMY [21:30]
  • Make It EASIER For Yourself [24:03]
  • Ashley’s Productivity Goal [26:33]
  • Ashley’s Mentalism Goal [28:21]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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