Using Variety To Make Your Shows Engaging | TSMP #044


A fantastic TSM Podcast Listener, Rick, sent in a question and we knew that we could explore this on the podcast so we’re splitting it across 2 episodes!

In this episode, Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green will be exploring the ways in which variety can be used to help prevent your magic and mentalism shows from being repetitive, redundant and unengaging.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • What Is ‘Variety’ and how can you do it? [02:40]
  • Aidan’s Beautiful Magic Principle [06:20]
  • Using The Journey To Your Advantage [10:50]
  • Building Variety Through Your Character [16:00]
  • Getting People Engaged By Having A Purpose[17:40]
  • Structuring Your Show The Right Way [20:15]
  • Stop Chasing ‘Awe’ and ‘Wonder’ All The Time [22:10]
  • Master The Art Of Storytelling [24:00]
  • Why Should Your Audience Care? [30:00]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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