How To Prepare A High-Impact Mentalism Show | TSMP #045


A fantastic TSM Podcast Listener, Rick, sent in a question and we knew that we could explore this on the podcast so we have split it across 2 episodes!

(Using Variety To Make Your Shows Engaging | TSMP #044)

In this episode, we’re exploring some of the main ways that you can prepare a high-impact mentalism and/or magic show, using techniques that we use and have experienced ourselves.

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Topics Discussed Include:

  • How Can We Have A High-Impact Show? [02:00]
  • Refocusing Your Audiences Attention [03:10]
  • Why Confidence Isn’t Enough [04:30]
  • Understanding The Desired Impact [07:27]
  • Get Funny & Use Comedy The Right Way[08:15]
  • Using Music To Your Advantage[14:30]
  • Start Obsessing Over The Small Details [21:45]
  • Playing A Video In Your Shows [23:35]
  • Carefully Building A Narrative In Your Shows [26:15]
  • EARN THE RIGHT To A High-Impact Show [28:20]

Resources Mentioned In This Episode:

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