How To Sell With Love with Jason Marc Campbell | TSMP #050

Join Aidan & Ashley for an incredible masterclass about how to sell and the art of selling with LOVE with the phenomenal, Jason Marc Campbell. In this episode, Jason (Author of Selling With Love) shares valuable tools, practical techniques and fundamental mindsets that will supercharge your sales in your entertainment business. You’ll hear Jason discussingContinue reading “How To Sell With Love with Jason Marc Campbell | TSMP #050”

The Ultimate Close-Up Gig with DMC (Drummond Money-Coutts) | TSMP #048

DMC shared his full approach and philosophy towards close-up magic, including what we believe to be the greatest blueprint for close-up performances and (not) walkaround gigs.

The TSM Q2 Business Plan | TSMP #047

In This Episode, You’ll Learn More About:

– The 4th Element To The TSM Mission
– Dozens Of FREE Events (3 per week)
– MASSIVE Updates To The TSM Podcast (Plus teasers for two special guests!)
– General Product Updates
– ‘Learn To Thrive’ – Our Elite Coaching Course
– Join The TSM Team
– How Can YOU Help Us?

Structuring Your Show with Ken Dyne | TSMP #046

In this episode, Ken shares so many practical insights and approaches to show structure so that you can present performances that your audiences ACTUALLY care about and enjoy.

How To Prepare A High-Impact Mentalism Show | TSMP #045

A fantastic TSM Podcast Listener, Rick, sent in a question and we knew that we could explore this on the podcast so we have split it across 2 episodes!

In this episode, we’re exploring some of the main ways that you can prepare a high-impact mentalism and/or magic show, using techniques that we use and have experienced ourselves.

Using Variety To Make Your Shows Engaging | TSMP #044

In this episode, Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green will be exploring the ways in which variety can be used to help prevent your magic and mentalism shows from being repetitive, redundant and unengaging.

How Much Should You Charge? | TSMP #043

Mo’ Money, Mo’ Problems, Amirite? Have you ever had questions about charging, what your fees should be or how much you want to earn? In this episode, Aidan & Ashley will be dissecting some of the key mindsets and approaches surrounding the taboo subject of ‘money’ so that you can be much more confident withContinue reading “How Much Should You Charge? | TSMP #043”

Promoting Your Virtual Events (With Real Examples) | TSMP #042

We’re taking a slightly different approach to this episode of the TSM Podcast.

Rather than teaching new information like we usually do, instead we’re opening up and discussing some of the things that we’re doing within our entertainment businesses to promote our virtual events to major success!

How To Turn Your Leads Into LIFETIME Clients | TSMP #041

In this week’s episode, Aidan & Ashley will be building upon the Lead Generation system shared in last week’s episode and providing a toolkit of approaches that will allow you to convert your existing leads into lifetime clients.