Join The Team Behind,
‘The Successful Mentalist’

We Are Recruiting!

We’re looking to build a kick-ass team to support the running of our company, The Successful Mentalist (TSM) and we think you might be the perfect candidate for the job.

At the bottom of this page are the details about the roles we’re looking to fill, but first, here’s some important information about the TSM Mission.

The TSM Mission

Improve the Quality of Life for magicians across the globe by 2040 through the delivery of information and transformative techniques that will improve their mindset, businesses, performances and health.

Does This Sound Like A Mission You Can Get Behind?

Here Is What We’re Currently Looking For:

crop ethnic remote worker retouching photography on laptop at home

Video Editor

Do you want to edit and prepare
transformational content that will improve the lives of magicians
across the globe?

silver imac displaying collage photos

Social Media Guru

Do you want to lead the charge
towards connecting with and
improving the lives of
magicians across the globe?

person writing on notebook

Virtual Assistant

Do you want to join and support a powerful team of change-makers on a mission to transform millions of
lives across the globe?

Do you have a skillset that would benefit our big mission in a way we haven’t explored above?

Let us know!

Contact us via email to with your thoughts and ideas and we’ll be in touch asap!