6 Simple Questions To Improve Your Close-Up Material

How Can You Make Your Close-Up Set BETTER? In this episode, you’re going to learn a simple, yet POWERFUL collection of questions that will allow you to drastically improve your close-up magic and mentalism with ease. Are you ready? Topics Discussed Include: WHAT can you do to improve your close-up set? [02:40] WHY do youContinue reading “6 Simple Questions To Improve Your Close-Up Material”

Goal Setting (The Right Way) | TSMP #035

Have You Set Any Goals/ New Year Resolutions?

Join Aidan & Ashley in this episode as they break down some of the main reasons that traditional New Year Resolutions and goal setting methodologies fail.

Once you learn these SIMPLE problems, you’ll be able to apply the solutions straight away and kick-start your progress towards your wildest goals.

Making Online Shows BETTER | TSMP #036

How Can You Make Your Online Show BETTER? We’re not just talking about the shows either. Today, Aidan & Ashley are looking at a bunch of the OTHER ways that you can make your online shows 10x better… Topics Discussed Include: Why Should You Make Your Online Show Better? [03:10] Novelty & Change Is AContinue reading “Making Online Shows BETTER | TSMP #036”

You Are Magic | TSMP #033

YOU ARE MAGIC. You are not a ‘trickster’. You are not a ‘performer’. You are not an ‘entertainer’. You are REAL MAGIC. Join Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green as they discuss the reasons that YOU are the best thing in your magic/ mentalism career. Topics Discussed Include: YOU Are Magic & That Is Important [01:30]Continue reading “You Are Magic | TSMP #033”

Topical Shows | TSMP #031

Are You Performing Topical Shows? In this week’s episode, Aidan & Ashley will be uncovering the various styles of Topical Shows and sharing their thoughts on making them LESS CRINGEY and MORE MAGICAL. Topics Discussed Include: Should You Do Seasonal Shows? [01:40] Character vs Topical Shows [04:00] Avoiding Cliches [05:40] BS ‘Seasonal’ Props That Don’tContinue reading “Topical Shows | TSMP #031”

How To Practice Magic | TSMP #028

Sometimes Mentalism and Magic can be really tough to practice, especially with social-distancing and without the exchanging of items or props – but don’t worry!

In this week’s episode, Aidan & Ashley will be diving in deep to some of the creative, interesting and unconventional ways that you can keep up to speed and practice (even in a pandemic)