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As part of our mission to improve your Quality of Life as an entertainer, we want to bring you closer to some of the thought-leaders and industry professionals from across the world.


Below is a list of upcoming conversations being recorded for The Successful Mentalist Podcast, but we’d like to invite you to attend live to join the conversation.


You’ll be able to ask your questions directly to our guests and get involved in the show.


See you there!

Upcoming Conversations:

Edwin Todd

14 September @ 10am (London Time)

After completing our Learn To Thrive course Edwin’s career has skyrocketed.


He went from earning on average £200 per month to £4000+ per month from magic.


Join us as we discuss the strategies that Edwin uses as a highly successful full time magician.


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Brittany Ford

24 September @ 8pm (London Time)

Brittany is a Registered Holistic Nutritionist focusing on supporting gut, hormonal, and skin health through nutrition and biohacking. 


In this podcast we’ll be talking about all things health and biohacking related!


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Terry Tyson

27 September @ 4pm (London Time)

A man of many talents. Terry is not only a fantastic mentalist, but an extremely experienced corporate specialist with services that include trainings, workshops, and keynote talks.


With over 35 years of professional wisdom and experience, trust us when I say you don’t want to miss this!


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Because we’re always bringing new and exciting conversations to the podcast, we’d hate for you to miss out.


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