Email Marketing With Rob And Ken | TSMP #060

Rob and Ken are Email Marketing Heroes and run The Email Marketing Show podcast. In this episode, you will join Aidan, Ashley, Rob, and Ken as they discuss some of the best ways to leverage email marketing to book gigs.

Are you building a clientele via email marketing?

Rob and Ken, literally, are Email Marketing Heroes and they run The Email Marketing Show podcast. Having achieved major success with their mailing lists, they are here to share the framework that you can start using TODAY to build your email marketing campaigns.


Ken Dyne is a highly successful mind reader who performs at corporate and private events. He is one of the busiest performers in the UK with more than 17 years of full-time experience. He has also released fantastic products for the mentalism community.


Robert Temple is a comedy stage hypnotist who has performed all over the world for the last 15 years. A dynamic and upbeat performer, he provides world-class entertainment for corporate events, cruise ships, and universities.


In this episode, you will join Aidan, Ashley, Rob, and Ken as they discuss some of the best ways to leverage email marketing to book gigs.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • Who Are Robert Temple And Ken Dyne? [02:40]
  • Why Do Rob And Ken Hate ‘Selling’? [03:40]
  • Common Mistakes In Email Marketing [06:15]
  • How To Create Non-Spammy Emails [09:33]
  • Using Email As A Content Channel [11:55]
  • Adding Genuine Value Through Emails [14:44]
  • Do You Know Who Is On Your Mailing List? [16:55]
  • Addressing Emotional Needs Of Clients [19:35]
  • Easy Analytics For Email Marketing [26:40]
  • Importance Of Setting Context [29:26]
  • Creating A Welcome Email Sequence [33:05]
  • Storytelling And Call To Action [41:08]
  • Finding Great Reasons To Send Emails [47:45]

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