From Circus To Psychic | TSMP #063

Ashley shares his incredible journey from being a circus performer to becoming a successful psychic mind reader.
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Are You Consistent With Your Character's Journey?

The Mystery Behind Magic is a fantastic podcast for ever-learning magicians. It is hosted by talented UK magicians Csanád Kiss and Robbie Stevens. Recently, Ashley was invited to their show for an interview. We are replaying this episode on TSM Podcast because it is full of valuable information that will help you immensely.


In this episode, Ashley shares his incredible journey from being a circus performer to becoming a successful psychic mind reader. His emphasis on audience engagement and character consistency is eye-opening.


Csanád, Robbie, and Ashley discuss their thoughts on hot topics such as the use of card tricks within mentalism and the ethics of performing as a psychic.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • Ashley’s Origin Story [02:15]
  • Why Ashley Performs Mentalism [08:02]
  • Transitioning From Magic To Mentalism [15:05]
  • Connecting With Audience Members [17:15]
  • How To Present Mentalism Performances [20:05]
  • Importance Of Character Consistency [24:25]
  • Ethics Of Performing As A Psychic [29:28]
  • Self Improvement And Growth Mindset [35:45]
  • The Beautiful Magic Principle [37:30]
  • Card Tricks In Mentalism [42:20]
  • Leveraging Your Repertoire To Read Minds [49:00]
  • Ashley’s Favourite Mentalism Books [53:15]
  • Facilitating Transformations Through TSM [61:10]

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