How To Offer Packages That Actually Matter | TSMP #077

In this episode, Aidan and Ashley share real-world tips that will increase your value and help you get more bookings.

Are You Making Irresistible, ‘No-brainer’ Offers That Your Clients Can’t Refuse?

As the festive season gigs start rolling in, entertainers often find themselves wondering about what to charge and how to offer attractive packages to clients. Converting hot leads into paid gigs requires you to prepare packages that would genuinely help clients.


The key to offering packages that fetch bookings is to identify the value that you are providing and to solve the problems that clients might face.


In this episode, Aidan and Ashley discuss different types of values that you can offer as an entertainer. They also share real-world tips that will increase your value and help you get more bookings.


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Discussed In This Episode:

  • [01:50] Why You Should Focus On Clients’ Needs
  • [04:30] Exploring Different Types Of Values That You Can Offer
  • [06:20] How To Provide ‘Functional Value
  • [10:00] How To Provide ‘Psychological Value
  • [12:20] Going Above And Beyond To Generate Value
  • [15:05] Themed Shows Are Not Necessarily More Valuable
  • [19:00] Asking Your Clients About Their Vision For Events
  • [23:20] Increasing Value Outside Of Your Package
  • [25:00] How To Actually Build A Package
  • [29:00] Stories Can Sell; Numbers Are Boring

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