All About The Tricks

AATT: Christmas Special (Interactive Session)

Get stuck in with practical advice to improve and expand your network, knowledge and presentation of all things magic/mentalism – FOR FREE!

At TSM, we wanted to do something special for our final ‘All About The Tricks’ episode of 2020.

After A LOT of discussions, we came to the conclusion that another ‘trick’ wasn’t going to be good enough for a Christmas special… So we’re changing the format!

Rather than talking AT you for 45 minutes and then answering your questions, we wanted to talk WITH you in a brand-new and interactive session.

We’ll start by sharing some thoughts on a topic before splitting off into small ‘Breakout Rooms’ to directly apply the information to an existing trick that we are already doing. The topic?

‘Making & Breaking Magic’

We’ll be talking about the ways that we can make our tricks HARDER to perform and also breaking them down to their SIMPLEST form as a way of exploring our effects in a brand-new light.

(Maybe even improving them in the process!)


  • You MUST have a working video and microphone
  • Please be prepared to explore each other’s ideas and commit to helping each other in a friendly and honest manner
  • Please be prepared to share the details of a trick that you currently perform that you can openly discuss with your breakout-room buddies

If you are not able to abide by the above requirements, you will be removed from this session and will not be re-admitted.

This is a live and interactive event and recordings will not be sold in the usual format of our ‘All About The Tricks’ lectures.

Once again – Please do not register for this event if you cannot attend live.

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