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The ONLY podcast designed to teach you the tips, tricks, methods and strategies from working performers that will help you to grow your entertainment business, improve your performances and shift your mindset for success.

7 Reasons Why You SHOULD Listen To Podcasts:

  1. Easy to consume.
  2. Simple to access (and free!)
  3. Tailored to your schedule.
  5. Engages your creative mind and imagination.
  6. Improved listening skills.
  7. It’s much more fun for everyone!

We know…

The beauty of an easy-to-access and simple-to-consume audio file that has an abundance of psychological benefits to you, before you even consider the content, just sounds too good to be true…

Except, it’s not!

Every week, we release an episode that involves an interesting discussion upon a specific topic, concept or idea and is FULL of actions that you can take to immediately improve your business, performances and mindset.

So far we’ve covered topics including:

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The Format of Our Show

Each of our regular episodes are approximately 30 minutes and we dive deep into a specific topic and share our thoughts and provide actionable advice that you can take away and immediately apply to your life, business and performances.


There is an exception.

The final episode of each month* will be longer (45-60mins) and we won’t be doing as much of the talking.

Instead, we will be having some incredible discussions with a fantastic guest to learn more about their skillsets and how to apply this learning into your world.

*or every 4th episode – some calendar months are strange and won’t work out quite so nicely


Don’t worry though, not all of our guests will be magicians/mentalists. 2021 has some PHENOMENAL non-magicians lined up for you. We’re so excited!

Where Can You Find Us?

The podcast is available on the majority of Podcast Providers with Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify and Apple Music being the Big 4!

For a more comprehensive list of our episodes and where to find us, be sure to check out THIS BLOG POST that has all the information that you need to keep up to date with our work:

TSM:Podcast – An Overview

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