AATT2 – Which Hand by Aidan O’Sullivan

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What price would you put on a 50/50 bet that’s ALWAYS in your favour?…


Learn Aidan’s complete 4-Phase Influence routine that is gaining attention from some of the biggest names in industry. Gimmickless, Direct – REAL.

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Have you ever wanted to win a 50/50 bet, repeatedly, whilst telling the other player how you’re winning each time?

Well now you can…


In this lecture, you will learn one of Aidan’s complete approaches to playing the simple ‘Which Hand’ game successfully, repeatedly and FOR REAL.

This was the second live lecture in our ‘All About The Tricks’ lecture series and the demand was so high that the lecture itself sold out, not once, not twice… BUT THREE TIMES!

For the past 10 years, Aidan has kept the real workings and psychology behind this routine amongst just a few friends but NOW is your opportunity to learn his main approach to the Which Hand plot, as he uncovers the Influence, Tells and Subtleties that he has developed over the past decade to play the game – for real.

Based on the live lecture alone, attendees have said that they were able to:

  • IMMEDIATELY perform this with 100% success.
  • Receive some THE BEST REACTIONS they have ever done.
  • Perform this OVER THE PHONE.
  • BOOK CORPORATE GIGS using this routine.

(And that’s just the start!)

Read Michael Murray’s FULL Review Here

“It was a delight to experience both Aidan’s wonderfully likeable performance style as well as his excellent and thorough explanations. His which hand routine is among the best gimmickless approaches I have come across. Highly recommended – Thanks Aidan!”

(Timothy Krass – Author of ‘Which Hand: Method & Philosophy’ [pseudonym])


This routine DOES NOT use gimmicks, electronics, magnets, logic puzzles and there are no unnecessary restrictions. The best part?:




“This lived up to exactly what is being advertised and is as close to the real thing as you can get!”

(Justin Saul – Live Lecture Attendee)


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2 reviews for AATT2 – Which Hand by Aidan O’Sullivan

  1. Taran

    My mind is blown. So happy Aidan has taught this after melting my brain so many times. Can’t wait to start using this in my professional set!

  2. Graham U.

    This is one of the best Which Hand routines out there, and it has immediately replaced my gimmicks and logic puzzles. I’ll break this review down into several parts, so hopefully you’ll be able to understand why this product is so good.

    What You Get:
    – Which Hand Live Lecture 1.0 – This was the original recording of the Live Lecture. Aidan covers the entire routine in detail.
    – Which Hand Lecture 2.0 – This is similar to the Which Hand Live Lecture 1.0, but it’s another teaching of the effect, which ensures that you fully understand how this routine works.
    – Which Hand Q&A – This was the 2nd part of the Live Lecture. In it, you get questions answered on trouble-shooting, bonus methods/effects, etc.
    – Which Hand Lecture Notes – These notes break down the 4 main phases of the effect. I liked these because it goes into detail on the method, and it allows you to see the entire scripting written out.
    – Which Hand Performances – A collection of 4 different performances of this effect. The 1st one is performed “in person”. The 2nd, 3rd, and 4th performances are done “virtually” (with the 4th one done blindfolded). These 4 performances are great to see how the effect plays out, as well as allowing you to follow along yourself.

    The Method:
    – The method for this effect completely blew me away. It builds upon a simple technique, but it takes it in a whole new direction, making it completely invisible.
    – The method is very easy to do, and once you learn it, you won’t forget it.
    – I was extremely pleased with this, and was glad that it wasn’t a “tell” that works 70% of the time… This method works 100% of the time.
    – Also, you don’t need to see their hands. This is extremely fooling, and has almost child-like simplicity

    – Aidan’s teaching is very clear and thorough, and everything is explained perfectly.
    – Also, this effect is extremely easy to learn. After watching the Live Lecture once, I guarantee that you can immediately try this out and have 100% accuracy after one round.

    – This effect can be easily customized.
    – You can change and alter the scripting so that it fits your persona, but Aidan’s scripting is so good that not many of you will want to change it.
    – But if you do want to change this routine slightly, it will not be difficult.
    – Also, this routine works well in all environments, both stage and close up.

    Wrap Up:
    – As you can see, you are getting a ton of material. Some of you may think that this is just one effect, but it is much, much more.
    – I love this Which Hand routine and perform it almost every time I go out.
    – If you are interested in this routine, but have never liked using gimmicks or logic puzzles, I highly recommend that you buy this.
    – This is the Real Deal, and it’s honestly one of my best purchases in the past couple of years.

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