Join The TSM 30 Day Sleep Challenge!

Without your health, your career will collapse.

The entertainment industry can be considered as largely unhealthy and at TSM, we’re aiming to transform your quality of life, with health being the latest addition to our mission plan.

Sleep is the ultimate weapon that will allow you to transform your health in so many ways, including;

  • Improved productivity and focus
  • Enhanced memory and cognitive function
  • Improved mood regulation & emotional awareness
  • Consistent and enhanced energy levels throughout the day
  • Boosted metabolism & physical function
  • Plus so much more…
Better health will help you show up better in your business, performances and life overall, which is why we’ve created the 30 Day Sleep Challenge!

Are You Ready To Optimise Your Life,
1 Night At A Time?…

About The 30 Day Sleep Challenge:

Over the course of this 30 Day Biohacking Challenge, you will learn about the importance of sleep and be able to apply simple ‘hacks’ into your life that will revolutionise your health, wellbeing, energy, motivation and so much more!

Each week, you will learn a new element of the 30 Day biohack so that you can build or break habits and transform your health (and life!) in a safe and secure space with other like-minded performers.

This month you will learn:
  • The Fundamental Science of Sleep
  • The 80/20 of Sleep Hacking
  • Mastering Your Sleep
  • Optimised Sleep FOR LIFE!

*DISCLAIMER: We are NOT medical professionals. The advise shared is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease and your actions should be consulted with a medical professional where required*

All information shared has been deeply studied, tested and published by health professionals, health-hackers and world-leading biohackers, many of which we have had the pleasure of studying from.

Both of us at TSM have personally tested every adjustment/ biohack and have seen tangible results, thus we are confident that any others taking this free 30-Day Challenge will see incredible results in the process.

It’s Time To Begin The TSM
30 Day Sleep Challenge!