We’re Looking For A Freelance ‘Social Media Guru’

Do you want to lead the charge towards improving the lives of magicians across the globe?

If so, we want you on our team!

Improve the Quality of Life for all magicians across the globe by 2040 through the delivery of information and transformative techniques that will improve their mindset, businesses, performances and health.

Our Core Mission At The Successful Mentalist

If this mission resonates with you, read on for more information…

And no, you don’t need to be a magician to work with us…

About The Company

The Successful Mentalist (TSM) is a swiftly expanding education-oriented company with community and powerful transformation at its core.

We train magicians, mentalists, entertainers and other performers by providing them with the tools and techniques that will help them to transform their lives across four clear dimensions; mindset, performances, business and health.

TSM is an industry-leading company when it comes to embedding personal growth into the magic/mentalism industry and we’re looking to scale even further into that responsibility.

About The Role

By joining the TSM team, you would be our ‘Social Media Guru’, and as a result, you will manage all of our Social Media Marketing Campaigns whilst supporting our main mission to reach millions of magicians and performers across the globe.

You will be responsible for growing and managing all of our social media platforms, our private social-learning network and other public-facing assets.

NOTE: This is currently a ‘freelance’ role however later employment opportunities may be presented if you truly are a great fit for the team.

Hours & Other Info

Part-Time, Freelance.

Although Aidan & Ashley are based in England, the TSM audience spans across the entire globe and as a result, you can work from anywhere across the globe.

Timezones will need to be factored into your working schedule (if applicable) as you will need to attend routine team meetings, however these will be scheduled based on a best time preference for all team members involved.

Aside from time-sensitive events and meetings, you will have full autonomy over your working schedule and you will be responsible for your own working hours.

Qualifications and
Experience Required

  • You have experience creating social media campaigns that have led to clear results and built a powerful, highly-engaging audience.
  • You have a clear understanding over project management, team-based working dynamics and both developing and using systems that improve both output and efficiency.
  • You have a background in, or deep understanding of the essential skills within content creation and content marketing, including, but not limited to; Copywriting, Content Design, Storytelling, Data-Tracking, Growth Optimisation, Marketing Automation, Audience Engagement etc.
  • You’re prepared to remain in a state of continual learning, routinely presenting your findings and status updates to the TSM team, whilst retaining the autonomy to explore new ‘trends’ and techniques, providing they further the TSM Mission.

What Will The Job Look Like?

You will work closely with and report to both company Directors, Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green, to align your campaigns, targets and goals towards the company pacing and overall direction.

Ashley Green & Aidan O’Sullivan

Additionally, you will interact and connect with the other members of the TSM team within your role and will also attend each of the high-priority live events that we host for entertainers across the globe throughout the year.

At these events, you’ll sync up with our team, incredible clients and many other industry-leading professionals (both inside and outside of magic industry)

Aside from time-sensitive events and meetings, you will have full autonomy over your working schedule and you will be responsible for your own working hours whilst ensuring that all deadlines, targets and goals are being met.

Four TINY Reasons You Should Join The TSM Team

We Care About YOU.

By joining our team, you’re helping us with our big mission and for that, we’re monumentally grateful.

We’ll be supporting your growth – personally and professionally – so that you can truly make the most of your life and work as a way of showing our gratitude.

We appreciate you!

Take Your Knowledge-Base And Skillset To A New Height

Joining a team of growth-mindset, multi-passion, personal development junkies will have its natural perks.

You’ll be learning, training and studying with us as we share new ideas, thoughts, lessons across many diverse topics that we find ourselves interested in at any given moment.

We expect you to be a keen learner with a growth mindset and a passion for new learning to level up your life and work.

Have A Tangible Impact

At TSM, we’re changing lives.

Unlike MOST roles whereby you typically working to further profit or company benefits, at TSM you’ll be supporting our mission and making a tangible impact towards our bigger mission.

We’re changing the game for the industry and you’ll be helping us do that!

It’s FUN!

We left our normal jobs and set up TSM to change the industry in a way that we can actually enjoy throughout the process.

Because of the massive variety of events and opportunities across the whole TSM mission, we are always taking on new and exciting projects and having a laugh every step of the way.

If you’re up for making an impact, changing lives, improving yourself and your work – all whilst having a laugh – we’d love to have you on board!

If this sounds like something that you’re interested in and you feel like you have the skills to do the job,
NOW is your chance to apply!

We’ll only be accepting applications for a brief period, so if this is of interest, be sure to act now.

Applications will only be open for a short space of time so if this is of interest, now is THE BEST TIME to act, even if you’re uncertain!