Structuring Your Show with Ken Dyne | TSMP #046

In this episode, Ken shares so many practical insights and approaches to show structure so that you can present performances that your audiences ACTUALLY care about and enjoy.

Using Variety To Make Your Shows Engaging | TSMP #044

In this episode, Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green will be exploring the ways in which variety can be used to help prevent your magic and mentalism shows from being repetitive, redundant and unengaging.

The Art Of Public Speaking with Eric Edmeades | TSMP #039

In this week’s special episode, Aidan and Ashley had the pleasure of speaking with the incredible, Eric Edmeades. Eric is the first NON-MAGICIAN on the podcast but for many, the practical insights shared in this episode will be far more valuable to you. If you are ready to master the art of Public Speaking andContinue reading “The Art Of Public Speaking with Eric Edmeades | TSMP #039”

Who Are You? | Episode #005

Have you ever thought about that? We’re not just talking surface-level either; do you REALLY know your character? Because that’s what we’re discussing in this week’s episode! Finding your performance character is NOT an easy task by any means, but it is definitely one of the most rewarding. Join Ashley and Aidan as they discussContinue reading “Who Are You? | Episode #005”

Choosing Your Tricks | Episode #004

How do you choose the right tricks? Join us in this week’s extended episode as we answer some listener questions and also discuss some of the most important tips to consider when you’re considering your tricks. Topics Discussed Include: How To Brand and Introduce Yourself Should You Have a Stage Name? Ashley & Aidan’s FavouriteContinue reading “Choosing Your Tricks | Episode #004”

Why Mentalism? | Episode #003

Do you know WHY? Because that’s important. This week you’ll learn why Ashley and Aidan do mentalism and how you can improve your performances and grow your business by answering the simple question; Why Mentalism? The tips and ideas from this episode don’t just apply to mentalism either. You can take these and apply themContinue reading “Why Mentalism? | Episode #003”

From Magic to Mentalism | Episode #002

Are you interested in learning mentalism? In this week’s episode join Ashley and Aidan as they discuss approaches and their own transitions from magic to mentalism. Topics discussed include: Where to focus your attention Character development Applying your other interests outside of magic ‘Sponge-Ball Mentalism’ & the ’21 Card Trick’ Did you enjoy this podcast?Continue reading “From Magic to Mentalism | Episode #002”

Our Superhero Origin Stories | Episode #001

Do you want to become a successful mentalist/ magician? Join Aidan and Ashley in their debut episode as they talk about magic, mentalism, their backgrounds and introductions to the entertainment industry. Oh, and a unicycle challenge too?… Did you enjoy this podcast? If so, don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE so you don’t ever miss any futureContinue reading “Our Superhero Origin Stories | Episode #001”