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    Win Back Time, Money and Energy by Getting Hustle-Free and Thriving, In Just 7 Weeks

    Learn To Thrive helps you to get serious about your entertainment career while giving you back the time, money and freedom to
    build the life that you’ve always dreamed of.

    Are you struggling to make your entertainment career work, despite doing everything you possibly can to get gigs?

    We know why and we’re here to help.

    Learn To Thrive is a psychologically enhanced training for entertainers that are struggling to make their entertainment career work, despite them hustling and working hard to get the gigs they need.

    Learn To Thrive is a psychologically enhanced training for entertainers that are struggling to make their entertainment career work, despite them hustling and working hard to get the gigs they need.

    All the business advice has been phenomenal and is helping me get well on the way to magic as a full time career. However, I suffer with several autoimmune diseases which cause extreme fatigue so the biggest impact of the course for me has been and introduction into natural energy boosting, bio hacking and better sleep which have all improved my life infinitely.
    Edwin Todd
    Magician & Mind Reader

    How Learn To Thrive Works

    Over the course of the 7 week training, you will engage with these 4 core sections of the course:

    Section 1 – Daily Content & Tasks

    Every day for seven weeks, you’ll be learning practical techniques, ideas and methodologies that will help you shed the limiting beliefs that are holding you back and transform your entertainment business.
    The seven week methodology has been carefully curated to help get you from wherever you are now, to your thriving, hustle-free entertainment career at a rapid pace so you can start winning back your time and earning the money that you deserve. 

    Section 2 – Private 1:1 Coaching

    Throughout the course, you will work one-on-one with Ashley Green or Aidan O’Sullivan (Founders of The Successful Mentalist) to get beneath the hood of your entertainment business and transform your career, from the inside out.

    Section 3 – Group Connection

    Every two weeks, your Learn To Thrive coaches will host live group coaching sessions for everyone within the course community to stay accountable and get the support you need.
    Whether you’re just getting started or you’ve completed the course, you’ll be able to attend these sessions. You’ll have lifetime access to powerful community sessions that will help transform your life and entertainment career.

    Section 4 – Lifetime Access & Bonus Resources

    The course doesn’t finish once you’ve completed the final day.
    Our mission is to bring you to the start of your new entertainment career and the learning never stops.
    You will have lifetime access to the course materials, group coaching sessions and all of the other exclusive bonus resources within the Learn To Thrive community.

    Learn To Thrive is for you if...

    • You’re an entertainer with personal commitments who wants to maximise your impact in entertainment whilst living a better quality of life than ever before.

    • You’re fed up of being constantly busy and not seeing results in your business and want to move to a simpler, more successful approach to entertainment.

    • You want to spend more time performing and less time doing all of the boring stuff whilst trying to get gigs.

    • You’ve tried listening to other performers, marketers and entrepreneurs and taking their advice but you didn’t see any results to their ‘surefire strategies’.

    • You want to shake things up, connect with other like-minded entertainers and actually ENJOY your life as an entertainer.
    What's In The Course?

    In this week, you’ll explore and refine your own personal life vision and supporting business vision that will act as an anchor for the rest of the Learn To Thrive programme and beyond.

    In this week, you will identify some of the biggest limiting beliefs that are holding you back from success, whilst also learning how to unpack those and building your toolkit of mindset training.

    In week 3, you will dispel the biggest myths about creativity and identify ways that you can train your own creativity and apply it within your life, business and performances.

    Now that you have dialled in some of the key mindsets that you will need within your thriving entertainment career, you’ll be diving deep into your performance character so that you can transform your performances and your business overall.

    From public speaking, to confidence, to music – Week 5 will explore the skills and techniques that you can immediately use to transform your performances in ANY environment you perform in.

    Now you’re ready.

    In week 6, you will learn many of the business skills that you need in order to transform your entertainment business and get truly hustle-free.

    The final week of the course gets TOUGH.


    Now that you’ve dialled in your visions, your mindset, your performances and your business – it’s action time!


    You will be taking big actions that will transform your entertainment business for good, allowing you to get truly hustle-free and enjoy the time, money and energy that you’ve won back for yourself.

    Does Learn To Thrive Work?

    Oisin’s L2T Experience

    Edwin’s L2T Experience

    Before L2T I didn't have any clear direction and vision, and didn't know what tasks I should be working on; through the L2T course this has given me that vision I needed.
    Ryan Roworth
    Magician & Mind Reader
    L2T is the best investment you'd make in your entertainment career. The principles taught in course will help you earn back the course fees in no time. If you follow every single step sincerely, you are bound to thrive. Knowledge is power, they say. Well, knowledge that L2T provides is a superpower. Do not miss out on this golden opportunity!"
    Dhiraj Gaikwad
    Magician & Mentalist
    Frequently Asked Questions

    Learn To Thrive is a virtual training that you can take from anywhere in the world, on your own daily schedule.


    The course materials are hosted within our secure private network, along with our exclusive community for members of the programme.

    The Successful Mentalist is a no-BS, performer-centric magic company on a mission to change the lives of every magician/ mentalist in the world. Our mission is as follows;


    “Improve the Quality of Life for all magicians across the globe by 2040 through the delivery of information and transformative techniques that will improve their mindset, businesses, performances and health.”

    The course is heavily built up from a powerful online community of like-minded entertainers that are striving for greatness and a hustle-free life that they can enjoy. By booking an interview, we can make sure that you’re a good fit for the community and that the community is great for you!

    We’ll be relaunching the brand-new version of the Learn To Thrive course within the next few weeks.


    If you’d like to find out more about the next start date and course details, you can submit a free, ‘no-commitment’ application and join the waitlist ahead of the new launch.


    See you inside the course!

    You will be able to choose your preferred coach (Ashley or Aidan) based on our expertise and backgrounds, but we’ll be able to guide you through this process so you can have the greatest transformation during the course.

    Unfortunately, most advice for performers sucks and it keeps you trapped and hustling.


    We don’t like that.


    We built Learn To Thrive as an opportunity to share the information and techniques that we have used to transform our lives, in a way that we wished we had it beforehand.

    Meet Your Coaches

    Ashley Green is a Founder of The Successful Mentalist and is a sought-after corporate entertainer that has spent the past year changing the game of virtual entertainment.


    Not only was Ashley one of the first entertainers to pivot to the virtual world in the UK at the time of the pandemic, but he has been able to drastically increase his fee and now spends little more than 4 hours per week on his entertainment business.

    Aidan O’Sullivan is a Founder of The Successful Mentalist and is a stage and wedding entertainer.


    Aidan is also a business coach-consultant, working with entrepreneurs and coaches to maximise their positive impact in the world, without the hustle.


    As ‘The Mindset Guru’ on TSM, Aidan is obsessed with personal growth and peak performance and works diligently to train others in these areas too.