TSM:Live (Jan 2021)

On Monday 18th January 2021, we hosted our FIRST ever convention for TSM – ONLINE!

The entertainment industry is struggling in the midst of this pandemic, with online performances being the main way forwards and we knew that we could bring valuable information to entertainers across the globe.

We decided to theme our 11 hour convention on the subject of Online Shows so that you could go DEEP into what it takes to prepare, run and perform Online Shows on a world-class level.

Our aim was to take you from zero to hero in just 1 day by sharing incredible thoughts from an incredible guest line-up:

  • Andy Nymanon writing material.
  • Harrison Krameron what it’s like as a busy online performer.
  • Felippe Nardion virtual show tech.
  • Ken Dyneon making money with online shows.
  • Caroline Ravnon taking an idea to a full show.
  • The Forum Theatreon the future of online shows.
  • Aidan O’Sullivanon intention, motivation and personal mastery.
  • Ashley Greenon presenting online shows in a way that audiences care.
  • A TSM BONUS LECTUREour signature lecture, ‘The Boring Mentalism Lecture’
  • COELEVATION SESSIONan opportunity to meet others and jam ideas about all things online shows.

Here is what some of our attendees had to say about TSM:Live;

A great event and you should be very proud of what you achieved. It was your first event and it was made FREE to the community, it was fantastic!

Craig Walker

You should charge for it. The content and the whole thing was so great and so much value.

Joni Pakanen

Very well put together, very professional. I think your course will be amazing.

Kay Dyson

Mastering Online Shows:

We received A LOT of messages from supporters asking where they can purchase the recordings of the event and here is our approach:

Because we didn’t want to profit off of the back of our guests, we have made the decision NOT to resell the recordings to the live event (an ethical decision on our behalf)


Our guests have kindly allowed us to include their lectures as a bonus on Day 15 of our 14 Day Course, ‘Mastering Online Shows’ as a little gift to say congratulations for taking and completing the course.

You can find more information by clicking the button below but included is Lifetime Access to the following:

  • Daily Video Content (Approximately 15-20mins per day)
  • Access to the Private ‘Mastering Online Shows’ community
  • Access to the TSM private social-learning network
  • Bonus Trainings, Events & Additional Resources
  • TSM:Live Recordings (Unlocks on Day 15)

The TSM:Live Event Schedule:

Please note, this event has already happened.

This schedule is for general reference so you can learn more about each lecturer and their talks at TSM:Live.

  • Welcome to TSM:Live

    Join us straight away on the call as we prepare for the incredible and jam-packed day ahead of us. We’re unveiling some INCREDIBLE new projects that will change your performances and transform your online shows – don’t miss this!

  • Creating Intention – Aidan O’Sullivan

    Ever wondered what it’s like to have unlimited motivation, a supercharged drive to your goals and an overall personal mastery?

    It begins with a single word; intention.

    In this lecture, you will learn what it truly takes to build unlimited motivation in ANY area of your life so that you can live the life you’ve always dreamed of and master your online shows, without ever losing your passion, commitment or focus.

    In addition to the real secrets of intention and motivation, you’ll learn Aidan’s 2-Step model of impact that will drastically accelerate your ability to take powerful action, every day and skyrocket your magic, mentalism and entertainment career.

  • Taking An Idea To A Full Show – Caroline Ravn

    Join Caroline Ravn, founder of Ravn Playing Cards, as she explains the complete process of taking an idea and moulding it into a complete show.

    Since childhood, Caroline Ravn has been fascinated by magic. Her grandfather was a magician and taught her simple tricks as a child. Today, she is not only one of Sweden’s most booked magicians, but also one of the World’s foremost female magicians.

    In 2018 Caroline Ravn toured Sweden with her first solo show Where The Magic Happens. It was played for full houses all across the country and being fuelled by that, the plan was to go on another tour in 2020. 

    When the pandemic hit, she did was she figured would be the most reasonable thing to do; she booked a 1120 seat theatre, invited 11 friends and a full tv production team to live stream the show globally.

    *Use Code TSM50 for 50% (expires January 30th 2021)

  • Transform Your Show With Technology, THE SIMPLE WAY – Felippe Nardi

    Felippe is changing the scene of Virtual Show production and modern mentalism effects, and he’s making it EASY. Technophobe or not, you’re not going to want to miss this session.

    As an Illusion Engineer, Software Developer and Motion Designer, he has helped dozens of one-person-show magicians and mentalists to put their Virtual Show together for the first time.

    He has also worked with renowned magicians such as Dan White and has also collaborated with Marc Kerstein in the creation of IMDb Peek Xeno add-on.

  • Performance Skills Every Online Entertainer Should Know – Ashley Green

    If you’re even CONSIDERING the world of online performing, you’re going to have to make some changes to your performances.

    Luckily, Ashley has you covered!

    In 2020, the world changed and Ashley leapt to the opportunity as one of the first entertainers in the UK to perform online. Since then, he has performed over 100+ private and public online shows across many platforms, all whilst TRIPLING his fee in the process.

    Ashley’s priority when performing online is on one thing; his audience. Because of that, he has found the best tricks, techniques, methods and skills that will both prioritise and transform your audience engagement in a fun and exciting way.

  • Writing Material For Your Show – Andy Nyman

    Andy Nyman is an award-winning actor, writer and director who has earned acclaim from both critics and audiences for his work in theatre, film and television.

    His most recent acting work in the theatre includes his Olivier nominated performance as Tevye in the West End production of Trevor Nunn’s ‘FIDDLER ON THE ROOF’. Prior to that was Martin McDonnagh’s HANGMEN, the highly acclaimed revival of Stephen Sondheim’s ASSASSINS at the Menier Chocolate Factory & ABIGAIL’S PARTY in the West End.

    Andy’s extensive film credits include the his critically acclaimed performance as Dan in the Oscar winning Reneee Zelwegger film JUDY. His other film credits include THE COMMUTER, DEATH AT A FUNERAL, KICK-ASS 2, THE GLASS MAN, BLACK DEATH, THE BROTHER’S BLOOM, SEVERANCE and SHUT UP & SHOOT ME, for which Andy won the ‘Best Actor’ award at the prestigious Cherbourg Film Festival in France in 2006. Next year Andy will be seen playing opposite Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson in the new Disney blockbuster ‘Jungle Cruise’.

    In 2010 Andy & Jeremy Dyson created the smash hit play GHOST STORIES, which Andy starred in as well as them both co-writing & co-directing. GHOST STORIES has now had three West End runs as well as productions being mounted all over the world. Last year saw the release of the film version of ‘GHOST STORIES’. Like the play, the film was written and directed by Andy & Jeremy Dyson. Andy stars alongside Martin Freeman, Alex Lawther & Paul Whitehouse. The film has been hailed as a ‘The Best British Horror Film for years’ and a ‘Modern Horror Classic’.

    Andy is also one of the co-writers and creators of the acclaimed TV shows Derren Brown – Mind Control & Trick of the Mind. He and the show won a Silver Rose at The 2003 Montreux Television Festival – one of highest accolades any writer and Television programme can receive. He also co wrote and co directed 6 of Derren Brown’s stage shows winning the ‘Best Entertainment’ Olivier Award for ‘Derren Brown – Something Wicked This Way Comes’ & the New York Drama Desk Award for ‘Best Unique Theatrical Event 2017’ for ‘Derren Brown – Secret’. The show transferred to the Cort theatre on Broadway in 2019.

    Andy’s books ‘The Golden Rules of Acting’ & ‘More Golden Rules of Acting’ have become a bestsellers within the acting world.

    (Basically, what we’re trying to say is DON’T MISS THIS!)

  • In Conversation With: The Forum Virtual Theatre

    With the world changing so quickly every day, have you ever been curious about the future of online shows?

    The Forum Virtual Theatre is a company that specialises in providing live online entertainment. It’s a place where you can watch some of the best international performances from the comfort and safety of your home.

    Over the past few months the owners of The Forum have been working on a multitude of different online shows with various artists from around the globe.

    In this conversation, the owners of The Forum will be interviewed live by Ashley Green & Aidan O’Sullivan about their understanding of the future of online shows. There will also be an opportunity for you to ask your own questions and get involved too.

  • How To ACTUALLY Make Money From Online Shows – Ken Dyne

    Are you being held back by your beliefs about the money in the game of online shows?

    Let’s change that!

    From a young age, Ken knew the only way to get good at performing was to do it more.

    Since then he’s gone on to perform all over the world at conferences, corporate events, for royalty and on luxury 6* cruise ships.

    All of this is down to one thing: his obsession with performing more, to become better.

    Ken Dyne is excited to be sharing a special session about the marketing of getting more gig bookings so you can practice your art, share the wonder … and become a better performer, faster.

  • In Conversation With: Harrison Kramer

    So you’ve decided that you want to do online shows?

    You’re ready to put in the work and fill your diary?

    But what is it REALLY like as a busy online performer?…

    Harrison Kramer is a world class professional magician in New York City and one of the most experienced Zoom magicians in the world. His close-up magic, mentalism, and virtual Zoom shows have been booked by Google, Apple, Microsoft, and hundreds of other Fortune 500 companies from all over the world.

    He has served on the Board of Trustees for the Society of American Magicians and performed for thousands of events from New York City to Prague. Harrison holds a B.A in Rhetoric from Syracuse University and has over a decade of education in technical sleight-of-hand and misdirection. 

    Outside of performing, Harrison loves spending time with his wife and daughter, focusing on his humanitarian initiatives, photography, and tacos.


    A Signature TSM Lecture from Aidan O’Sullivan & Ashley Green.

    Let’s face it, mentalism can be incredibly boring! (And yes, that’s coming from two working mentalists!)

    It’s no mystery in the magic community that mentalism gets a bad reputation because of this and together we set out to uncover exactly WHY.

    In this lecture, you will learn the 5 Simple Ways that you can stop and prevent yourself from being a boring performer and also skyrocket each of your magic and mentalism performances.

    But don’t just take our word for it though!

    These principles have been developed based on feedback and ideas from a wide range of performers, including; Teller, Derren Brown, Fay Presto, Chris Cox, Max Maven, Tom Stone, Phill Smith (AND MANY MORE!)

    Are you ready to take your mentalism to a whole new height?

  • A Special Co-Elevation Session

    Join us for a very special interactive session in which you’ll sync up with a small group of like-minded individuals and help each other in breakout rooms on the topic of online shows.

    This is a great opportunity to share your knowledge and also get feedback in any particular area that you’re struggling in.